Gr8at: Funny Animal Cartoons

I’ve always been a big fan of funny cartoons and animals so it’s no surprise that I was going to combine the two in a post at some point. And one was never going to be enough. Below are eight animal-themed cartoons that caught my eye.Β Do you have any pets? Are you a fan of cartoon strips? As always, please feel free to say if you have a favourite of the eight below.

Β education system joke


funny cat thing

funny dog cartoon

Golden retriever joke

blind spot_blog post_pic1.png

dog cartoon

Gary larson dog cartoon


40 thoughts on “Gr8at: Funny Animal Cartoons

  1. I like the first and last one, and also the second one, and the two in the middle, and the one with the giraffe, and the sleepy cat one. I have a cat, a dog, a goat, and a cow! Not all of them sleep on my bed.

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