Gr8at: Impressive Foreign Language Songs

After my recent Songs to Lighten your Mood and Make you Smile post, I thought I’d highlight my love of songs sung in a different language. My fluency in Spanish is clearly reflected, but there are others from different languages too and all have been carefully chosen. Even if you don’t translate the lyrics, you should definitely listen to them to appreciate their skills in rhythm, tone and melody. Is there one that stands out most for you? What artists do you like that sing in a non-English language?

I was introduced to Moenia by a Mexican friend who knew of my love for Depeche Mode and was well aware of the musical parallels between the two. I’ve been a huge fan of the electronic synthesiser band ever since.

I’m spoilt for choice in choosing my favourite song from this double Latin Grammy award-winning alternative Mexican group. I just had to choose Dead though, especially as it has such a gloriously dark tone, catchy chorus and a superbly shot video.

Even if you don’t recognise the name of either the band or song, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll have heard this highly moving track by the Icelandic maestros. It has been used for all kinds of popular TV and films, along with th

This delightfully upbeat song by Mexican popstars Belanova, who are from my mother’s side of the family in Guadalajara, just had to be in here.

Who wouldn’t want to see this electrifying German metal band, especially as their live shows are known for their extraordinary pyrotechnics and raw energy? They’ve got a solid collection to choose from, but I had to go for the track I’ve danced most to.

The lyrics by this hugely influential Argentine rock band may be a little bit cheeky on this one, but the riff is just fantastic and it’s impossible not to move to this 80s classic.

I’ve always liked 80s music, so no big surprise to see another inclusion from such a memorable musical decade. Heroes del Silencio may only have released four studio albums, but the Spanish group’s gift for melody was clearly evident, none moreso than with this gem.

I have absolutely no idea what is being sung about, but it’s undeniably easy to whistle along to. She may have been a one hit wonder in the UK, but the photogenic French popstress has had a successful career in her homeland and recently won the French equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing.


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