Gr8at: Songs to Lighten your Mood and Make you Smile

It’s not too far from the weekend, so I thought why not do a post on songs that are always guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Is there a piece of music that can lighten you mood? A tune that’s impossible to stand still to even when you couldn’t feel less like dancing?

Happiness is

Let’s be honest. It’s probably the first song we all thought of.

The title says it all.

For a short time this song was everywhere. Even now, it’s take on a crush is still super adorable from the most perky person in pop.

Even without picturing Carlton dancing, this Tom Jones classic has such an upbeat vibe and wonderful vocal it’s surely impossible to stay mad at anything.

This song may be hugely dominated by its chorus, but when the melody is this kind of lively wonderful, it’s allowed to break any traditions.

Love can be pretty tough at times, but this song captures that magic when it’s all going perfectly.

As catchy as this song is, the video always makes me smile most. So many things to laugh at. My personal favourite is the slob who finds a plug in his spaghetti.

Straight from the off, this gem from Katrina and the Waves grabs you and won’t let you go until you’re whistling and tapping away to the beat.


46 thoughts on “Gr8at: Songs to Lighten your Mood and Make you Smile

  1. Love this! Call me maybe is such a classic πŸ˜› My jam is Bailando by Enrique Iglesias (Spanish version) – SO CATCHY!

      • I think he is! I’m Chilean haha – my Spanish is pretty good πŸ˜› It’s not my favourite, but I did quite like it! What did you think?

      • It is funkier then most of his stuff. All those times I’ve read your blog and I’ve never wondered where you were from. There are some great Spanish singing bands. Look out for a future post including Moenia, Heroes del Silencio, Zoe y Belanova.

  2. When I read this at first the signal to my phone was patchy so the videos didn’t load at first – just black rectangles – so while waiting my mind went to two of my guilty pleasures – Taylor Swift and especially Katrina and the Waves – and how I hummed ‘Happy’ for days on end after watching Pharrel at Isle of Wight Festival this year. When the videos finally loaded I was part surprise and part unnerved to see all three! Uncanny! The one that wasn’t there but always puts a smile on my face is the Waterboys ‘Whole Of The Moon!’

    • When I thought of the Taylor Swift song, the rest came quite quickly. I’m glad you liked them. The ABC video is so funny. I always see it a reminder that you can’t take life too seriously. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I love Call Me Maybe even though it’s so bad. I would also add We Are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift, Low by Flo Rida and I’m Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO.

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