Gr8at: Visual Jokes from The Simpsons

Who doesn’t love The Simpsons? In it’s first third of episodes, it featured countless wonderful episodes, memorable scenes and hilarious jokes. I recently did a post on eight memorable jokes from that era, but this time I thought I’d highlight how The Simpsons was funny even without dialogue. Which ones makes you laugh most? Do you recognise the episodes they came from? Most of the images are taken from The War of the Simspons.

Homer getting hit

The Simpsons funny picture

Homer simpson orange juice

Homer simpson bowling pin house

Dumb things to do today list

Homer nacho hat

Homer simpson bubble car

Homer simpson vending machines

21 thoughts on “Gr8at: Visual Jokes from The Simpsons

  1. Love this post Alex! The Simpsons!!! Who could fail to raise a smile looking at those pictures? 🙂

    I remember a lot of the scenes but can’t remember specific episodes. Except the one where he made that awful car for his brother Herb!!!

      • Too many to list but off the top of my head I’d say, Cape Fear, Homer the Smithers, Mr. Plow, Homer’s Enemy, Rosebud to name a few, but I really love almost all of them, even the newer seasons.
        The Twin Peaks reference is from the infamous Who Shot Mr. Burns episode

      • I never would have remembered it. I do remember the fuss that episode created though. Nice choices. Simpson and Delilah is cracking, and when Homer has 24 hours to live. Also the Michael Jackson one. I’d better stop now before I make a super long list!

      • Yeah, you just keep listing them once you start. But yeah, these are some great episodes too. The one where Homer has 24 hours to live is probably one of the most emotional episodes of the entire series.

    • I think of it whenever I write a list. The first one is funny even out of context but in context especially so. Milhouse’s mum has a new boyfriend who is a Gladiator on TV. The muscular boyfriend asks Milhouse to smash a chair over him, and doesn’t even flinch when Milhouse does it. Bart decides to do the same thing to Homer when Homer is unaware and happily singing along in the bath. Bart then gets annoyed as Homer gets hurt haha.

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