Line(s) of the Day #JamesDean

James Dean

Dream as if you will live forever; Live as if you will die today.

Described as America’s first teenager, James Dean (1931 – 1955) only made three films but his unique talent and intensity left an indelible mark on Hollywood and audiences.


14 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #JamesDean

    • I read his biography when doing Film Studies. He certainly had a sad background. I also read ‘Blessings in Disguise’ by Alec Guinness and he recounts how he foresaw Dean’s death in a car crash. And then Dean’s final appearance on camera was on a safety driving advert. Not to mention the tragedy that later accompanied Dean and his main two co-stars in ‘Rebel without a Cause’.

  1. And so he did!!! Such a superb actor, and a unique one at that, to be able to leave such strong mark in the film industry, with only three movies. I don’t think, no other actor, who died this young, has made such a great impression in Cinematic history ever.
    A truly sad loss!!!!!

  2. God he was just so beautiful! I have actually only seen one of his films but I loved it and we had a James Dean table at our wedding.

  3. I used to wonder if part of his mystique was that he died young, but then seeing his films I realize what a talent that was lost so young.

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