Line(s) of the Day #TheMentalist

The Mentalist Patrick Jayne

Matt Etienne: The casino’s on the Nevada side of the resort. And offers full service gaming. We recently spent $10 million upgrading the facilities to improve the customer’s experience.
Patrick Jane: They use the same techniques in state-of-the-art animal husbandry.
Matt Etienne: Really?
Patrick Jane: Dim lights, soft music, a maze of passages that lead you back to the pens, or in this case, the slots.
Matt Etienne: Ooh, don’t hold back, speak your mind.
Patrick Jayne: There’s no clocks or windows anywhere so there’s no passage of time, Low priced alcohol is poured down you by attractive young women. Oxygen is pumped into the place to make you stay awake and the constant symphony of bells and sirens that makes it seem like someone is winning all the time.
Matt Etienne: Ah, but someone is always winning. You see our machines and our games are carefully designed to allow every gambler to have a taste of victory. Just enough sugar to keep them pumping their money into the machines and onto the tables. So, what’s your point?
Patrick Jayne: Ah, no point. I love it!

William Allen YoungΒ and Simon Baker in The Mentalist (2008 – 2015). Running for seven years and 151 episodes, the show followed Patrick Jayne and his mischievous manner in solving serious crimes.

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