Photography: Film posters

As my ever-increasing Film Reviews and other Film Stuff page shows, I really do have a huge passion for the creativity, imagination and impact films generate. It’s no surprise then that I have a few film posters on my wall. These were specially designed by an artist contact I used to know and I wanted to share them with you. Is there one that stands out to you? Do you have any film posters on your wall or one you wish you had?

Vertigo film poster

My Neighbour Totoro

Rocky film poster


51 thoughts on “Photography: Film posters

  1. That Vertigo one is awesome. I’m particular proud of a Matrix poster. My only complaint is that it isn’t big enough.

    • Thanks. It looks a lot more striking without the slight reflection. It’s not even in my top 5 Hitchcock films, but it really is a wonderful image. If you have a link/photo to your poster feel free to share your Matrix one.

  2. AAAAAAAhhh! Don’t hate me, Alex. After you mentioned book cover favorites yesterday, I started a post on movie posters. It should be posted later today. Great minds think alike!

  3. Wow they really look great framed. Did that cost you much? Cos I have posters all over the damn place but not being framed, they are just stuck to the walls, always falling off.

    • As the posters are an unusual size meant I had to get them especially made. I got all three done at the same place and was able to work out a discount Apprentice-style. It depends how many you would want done.

      • Hmm I’ll do some research. I remember I used to make awesome frames in grade 11 woodwork… if only I still had those skills!!!

        BTW – how are the posters attached the the back of the frame? I have tried spray glue, like an aerosol can, once before but bubbles popped up everywhere

      • It was attached as part of the frame. It has a white rope chord that goes behind the frame and you put it on the nail so it hangs. You have to get it dead middle though or it tilts.

        And good for you with woodwork. I was useless. Just glad I have all my fingers left.

      • ahh figures, yeah I tried to use spray glue to put a bill hicks poster on cardboard or thin wood, whatever it was. Ended up with bubbles everywhere, which sucked cos I loved the poster!!

        Sounds like it cost you to get those done. Well worth it though, they look fantastic framed. I’m gonna search around locally for a similar place =)

        BTW I voted for Vertigo, that poster just flat out kicks arse

  4. I love the Tortoro one. We don’t have any film posters, which is actually surprising as our decor is quite eclectic. We have a couple of music ones, some maps and some vintage adverts. Maybe we need to add a movie one or two.

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