Line(s) of the Day #TheThingstheyCarried

The Things they Carried book cover

They carried the sky. The whole atmosphere, they carried it, the humidity, the monsoons, the stink of fungus and decay, all of it, they carried gravity.

Taken from the astonishing third novel by Tim O’Brien, The Things they Carried (1990). You can read my take on the book here, in one of my earliest posts.


13 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #TheThingstheyCarried

      • Yes–In the Lake of the Woods which was one of my least favorites (Did you like it?) Tomcat in Love (hated and IS my least favorite but I’d be willing to read again since it was at least 10 years ago) If I Die in a Combat Zone Box Me Up and Ship Me Home, July July, Going After Cacciato. Those are all the titles I’ve read and own off the top of my head=)
        I read The Things They Carried in 10th grade English class and probably 20 times 15 times since. I remember reading way ahead of the class and finishing early. It’s an amazing book!<3

      • I was so disappointed by it=( I thought it was a little dull and I didn’t like the structure at all. I would try: Going After Cacciato and If I Die in a Combat Zone though The Things They Carried is his best. Those are more similar and the second one is a memoir. Tomcat In Love was like some horrible romantic comedy fiction thing…ugh!

      • Yeah July July sucked, I’ll just say it. I can’t recall the entire premise of Tomcat in love but it was maybe a man going back to find his childhood/neighborhood sweetheart after a divorce or something. I didn’t research it much before I got it and just assumed it’d be good. Mistake!
        Will check out your link right now about the book that blew your mind!!

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