Awards: Three and two

I’ve been kindly nominated for two separate award nominations. The first is by No Nonsense with Nuwan Sen who includes several awards within his nomination, including Real Neat Blog and Beautiful Bloggers. Nuwan Sen has a very considered, thoughtful writing style which is always evident whenever he writes of films. You should definitely check out his site.

Real Neat

Beautiful Bloggers Award

As part of accepting, I need to answer 10 questions and then pass it on to seven people.

Q°1. Which city/town, that you’ve lived in, is your favourite?
I love London. It’s a city that has pretty much everything you would want.

Q°2. Which continent, that you’ve never travelled to, would you like to visit the most? Any specific country/countries?
I’d love to go to Asia. It would great to do a tour of the whole continent.

Q°3. What’s your favourite English language novel, written by a non-British/American/Australian born author?
That’s tricky, as it rules out a lot of fantastic writers and novels. A lot of the other books I like are written in their native language. It’s not a novel but Football Against the Enemy by the Dutchman Simon Kuper is a superb read. I read it soon after it came out and opened my eyes to the wonderful options in the sporting genre.

Q°4. What’s your favourite non-English language novel, translated into English?
100 years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Incredibly written, and one of the best opening lines ever.

Q°5. What’s your favourite non-fiction book?. 
The Diary of Anne Frank is superbly written. It was a very worthwhile experience going to the museum in Amsterdam. I quoted my favourite line from it a long time ago, but the book is filled with wisdom and perception at a young age that some never reach

Q°6. If Hitchcock were alive today, which Hitchcockian classic, would you like him to re-make, with the availability of  modern day technical wizardry, that didn’t exist back then?
I’m not a huge fan of remakes. I would probably choose Dial M for Murder as it is my least favourite of his.

Q°7. Who would you like, to be the new Hitchcockian blonde, from the 21st century, working in this new project of his?
Scarlett Johansen has the look, voice and talent that would appeal to Hitchcock.

Q°8. Which is your favourite decade, from the previous century? Which is your favourite decade in film, from the previous century?
Each had their own charm I suppose but the 80s had great music, films and cartoons so I’d go with that one.

Q°9. What 21st century film, set in the decade from 20th century that you love, is your favourite?
Not many in that category come to mind. Midnight in Paris was an enjoyable film though.

Q°10. From films made in the 21st century, within the last 15 years (rather 14½ years, ‘cause we are still in the  middle of 2015), which non-English language film, from which country, is your favourite?
Pan’s Labyrinth. A superb film. I loved it.

My 10 questions

1. If you could own one painting, which one would you choose and why?

2. Which literary character would you most like to hang out with?

3. Have you ever gone in costume for a fancy dress party? What did you go as?

4. What is your favourite thing that anyone has ever said about your blog?

5. Which sporting moment would you most like to have seen live?

6. What film do you hate that most people like?

7. What item in your room has most sentimental value?

8. What did you want to be when you were a child?

9. Which famous landmark would you most like to live near to?

10. What one interest do you have that would surprise most of your blog readers?

The seven blogs I pass this onto

Cinema Parrot Disco

Derrick J Knight

Emma K Wall

Inside the Life of Moi

It Rains, you get Wet

The Literary Sisters

Weave a Web


The second is the Dragon Loyalty Award. My thanks to Sweet Archive for her nomination. Ruth’s on a break at the moment, but will hopefully be back soon and continuing her excellent blog. As part of the award I have to say seven things about me and nominate other bloggers.

Though not especially sporty, I was really good at tennis and represented the school and played in LTA tournaments.

On my bedroom wall I have three specially designed film posters, several literary quotes and a print by the artist George Bellows.

I tend to stay away from horror/slasher films. Remakes too.

Whenever I write anything creative other than a poem, I always know what the title will be. I won’t start without having decided on what it will be called.

I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I do like crisps, especially Worcester Sauce and Prawn Cocktail.

I have a dreadful singing voice, but if I could sing like anyone it would be Jeff Buckley. In fact, I’m listening to Mojo Pin as I write this.

I’m fluent in Spanish and would like to learn French one day too.

And my seven nominees

Canadian Cinephile

Film Grimoire

Not a Punk Rocker

Robbin’s Realm Blog

Silver Screen Serenade

That Moment In

West 517


56 thoughts on “Awards: Three and two

  1. Congratulations, Alex! You did a great job on answering the questions. I agree about Scaret Johansen. I also enjoy Vera F. On the show Bates Motel. I just cannot spell her last name and my cell phone keeps spelling it differently.

  2. Congratulations Alex!!! Fully deserved and I’m very pleased for you 🙂

    Thanks for nominating it means an AWFUL lot and I will accept gladly! (might just take me a few days to get the post up)

    P.S I absolutely love The Diary of Ann Frank and Pan’s Labyrinth 🙂

  3. Congrats, Alex! Sorry I am little late to the party…if it helps, I’ve brought champagne and 80’s music! 🙂

    Thank you for your nomination. Of course I accept! … One big awards ceremony to follow!

    Great answers btw! I would love to go to Asia too! It’s on my bucket list.

  4. I have a fond affection for Dial M for Murder, it might be because I studied it at school, or perhaps it’s something to do with that so-bad-it’s-brilliant huge model finger that’s used for the close up of the actual dialling of the ‘M’. Apparently it was because cameras weren’t equipped yet to shoot that close. If you ever watch it again look out for it, it’s got a certain Harryhausen stop motion charm to it.

    • There’s an episode of Frasier where Niles is so worried Daphne will leave that he starts acting oddly and putting his father Martin in life-threatening situations. The episode is entitled Dial M for Martin haha.

      What a great piece of trivia. Did you study it in film class?

  5. Congrats, Alex. Well deserved for a great site. I so enjoy reading your work. Thanks for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award as well. I so appreciate your kindness and support. It’s the community that makes this so much fun!

      • Thanks, Alex. I’ll be sure to write up another real soon! And no stress about my site. Just stop by when you can and have a read. Love your feedback.

  6. Congrats, Alex! Obviously, you’re totally deserving of the both of these. And woooo heck yes Pan’s Labyrinth!!! 😀 And thank you so much for the nomination! You know, I think you nominated me for the last one of those I got, too. You are too sweet. 🙂

  7. Thanks so much again for the nomination Alex! 😀 I have to say, British crisps are always the best flavours. I love the prawn cocktail one too, it doesn’t exist here in Australia but there is a special UK snacks shop in Melbourne that sells it. Such a novelty!

    • If you come to London I’ll make sure you have enough prawn cocktail crisps to last ages when you’re back home 🙂 Out of curiosity, how would you have answered question 10?

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