Ex Machina Film Review

I don’t normally reblog despite such many wonderful blogs and posts out there. But Neel and I are such close friends and I’m hoping he will do more film reviews that I had to make an exception just this once.


Whenever you open up your email or facebook, it seems there are ads that are tracking your every move and reading your mind. This technology is only becoming more and more sophisticated each day and artifical intelligence research is booming. The vision of robot butlers catering to our every need (before rising up in rebellion and killing us all obviously!) is closer than ever before.

With this in mind, Alex Garland, known for script-writing The Beach, Dredd and 28 Days Later among others is on director duties on his latest offering, Ex Machina to project a near future where A.I. is at it’s zenith.

Caleb, played by Ed Sheeran look-a-like Domnhall Gleeson, is a young programmer working for search engine giant ‘blue book’. He wins a contest to spend a week with his reclusive boss at an isolated research facility. Caleb is promptly shuttled onto a helicopter and passes over a breathtaking…

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