Reviews and other Features: American Drama Quiz

There are so many wonderful American dramas at the moment. Arrow, Suits, Better Call Saul, Bates Motel, Mad Men, The Good Wife, Blue Bloods. I could keep going. While it’s undoubtedly a great time for drama from our friends across the Atlantic, they have a great modern history in creating wonderful series with infamous, inspirational or introspective characters. How will you do in the quiz below? And if you’re feeling confident, why not try my similarly structured quizzes on children’s TV or brilliant sitcoms.

American Drama Still 1 1.

American Drama Still 2 2.

American Drama Still 3 3.

American Drama Still 4  4.

American Drama Still 5 5.

American Drama Still 6 6.

DVD The West Wing 7.

American Drama Still 8 8.

American Drama Still 9 9.

American Drama Still 10 10.

American Drama Still 11 11.

American Drama still 12 12.

American Drama still 13 13.

American Drama still 14 14.

American Drama still 15 15.

Answers below (Spoilers in comments section)

1. ER

2. Dexter

3. The Wire

4. The Sopranos

5. Twin Peaks

6. Six Feet Under

7. The West Wing

8. The X-Files

9. Prison Break

10. Law and Order

11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

12. Gossip Girl

13. Desperate Housewives

14. Band of Brothers

15. My So-Called Life


38 thoughts on “Reviews and other Features: American Drama Quiz

      • I am glad he never got caught, but I would have preferred if he had wound up with Hannah and his son.

        I also didn’t like what happened to Debra. I wanted her to have a happy ending.

      • Poor Debra! As she hadn’t suffered enough. I didn’t like the ending at all even without that. It’s like they had foroggten the essence of the show. I’m grateful though for what happened before then. An incredible show with dramatic storylines and one of the most famous and provocative characters in TV history.

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