Gr8at: Wonderful Colour Sporting Photographs

There were some incredible shots in the black and white sporting photographs post, but here are eight different sports, this time using colour. Do you have a favourite of the eight? Which do you think was the most impressive?

Ali in the ring shot

Muhammed Ali was in more famous fights than this third round knockout victory against Cleveland Williams at the Houston Astrodome, but you will struggle to find many better photographs than this. Long-time Neil Leiffer was so happy with his effort that it was the only photograph of his that he has hanging in his house.

Barcelona football team supporters gathe

In the build up to the 2009 Champions League Final, all talk had centered on the fact that Messi never seemed to score with his head. This wonderfully timed photograph by Javier Soriano captures all the little details when Messi removed the doubts and again proved what a magician he is.

Ben Johnson fastest race

In what soon went from the most famous to infamous race in history, this image captured just how far ahead Ben Johnson was from his competitors in the 1988 100m race.

kentucky derby

I tend to only focus on horse racing when it comes to the Grand National, but I just had to include this very imaginatively angled shot of the Kentucky Derby. Fittingly, the race was won by Orb.

tightest swimming race ever

He may have had a lot of recent publicity for his life outside of the pool, but Michael Phelps will always be known best for his eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Of those eight, his fingertip victory over Milorad Cavic of Serbia showed how tight the margins at the top are, as perfectly displayed by this gloriously timed photograph by Patrick B. Kraemer.

American Football catch

This was just one of many dramatic moments in New England Patriots 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks in the 2015 Superbowl. This shot really catches (ha) the essence of pose, skill and balance involved even in such a physical sport.

Stefan Johnasson 1985 Monaco Grand Prix

No dramatic or symbolic sporting moment in this image of Stefan Johnasson in the 1985 Monaco Grand Prix, but that almost adds to the charm. Celebrated Formula 1 photographer Rainer W. Schlegelmilch really conveys the speed, style and danger within such a glamorous sport.

Cycle shot

It’s tempting to think this is fake, but Dave Watson really does like to use his cycling skills for a different style than Tour De France riders. The photogrpah is certainly more elegant than what happens after he lands mind ha


16 thoughts on “Gr8at: Wonderful Colour Sporting Photographs

  1. It’s not easy to say. I am more impressed with the actual sports endevour than the photos themselves. I like the first one best for the perspective and I think it is the coolest for showing two giants so tiny and helpless. Do you have a favourite?

    • It really is a very different perspective. A very well chosen angle. That is my favourite too. The boxing shot is also my favourite in the black and white sporting photographs too. Boxing does lend itself to some wonderful images.

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