Line(s) of the Day #TheFootballMan

Football Man book

It is not a phenomenon. It is an everyday matter. There is more eccentricity in deliberately disregarding it than in devoting a life to it. It has more significance in the national character than theatre has. Its sudden withdrawal from the people would bring deeper disconsolation than to deprive them of television. The way we play the game, organise it and reward it reflects the kind of community we are.

Taken from the opening part of the book The Football Man (1968) by English writer and journalist Arthur Hopcraft.

2 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #TheFootballMan

  1. I think it is kind of funny how this quote kind of backfires on him. In many ways the sport does indeed reflect the kind of community we are. So what does that say about the recent increases in domestic violence cases amongst athletic families? CTE cases in players who are too stubborn to back away from the game even when they have taken too many hits to the head? This quote is beautiful but it also says that America takes its sports entirely too seriously.

    • There have been many disturbing cases recently. Domestic violence, racism and even injuring a player getting a bonus. I hope it is able to resolve itself soon. This is actually referring to what you call soccer, and how it reflects in the different towns and cities in England. In terms of good American Football books, I really enjoyed Friday Night Lights.

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