Things to See: Rome Part 2

As Part 1 helped show, Rome really was the most gorgeous place. There wasn’t a drop of rain and it was always the right weather to go outside for a walk. There are so many lovely bars, cafes and restaurants everywhere, that getting a drink, meal or an ice cream was always a temptation. And one temptation that was always given in to!

Ice cream




As Madeleine has such great taste in food, we had already found some pretty good places to try out, even before we arrived. This included the famous Tartufo from the very stylish Tre Scalini restaurant and ice cream parlour. As you pass each restaurant there are waiters desperate for you come and eat inside. It really is competitive.





Everywhere you look up, there are fantastic views. The artwork and history are worthy of being a capital city, and inspiring of such great artists as Michaelangelo, Caravaggio, Rubens and Turner.


Lovely building

Amazing detail


Italy is filled with wonderful cities, but if you do get the chance to see Rome, you must.


18 thoughts on “Things to See: Rome Part 2

  1. One and only, but so is Paris, and London, and so many others 😀 Seriously, one of my favourite places on Earth that showed itself to me in its best light.

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