Line(s) of the Day #ModernFamily

Modern Family

Gloria Pritchett:  How dumb do they think we are?
Phil Dunphy: Sometimes Claire leaves me pictures instead of food instead of a shopping list.

Sofia Vergara and Ty Burrell in the multi-award winning Modern Family (2009).


15 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #ModernFamily

  1. Is that supposed to say “Sometimes Claire leaves me pictures of food instead of a shopping list?” I haven’t seen this episode, so I’m not entirely sure. .

      • Oh no it’s a good quote, I just was confused by the phrasing. 🙂 Guess I should watch the epi to get in the loop eh?

      • The sixth season hasn’t been on long and it is getting stronger and stronger. If you get the chance, you should try and see it. There is more quality drama than comedy at the moment. I hope there are more comic shows to rival it soon.

  2. I watch this show from time to time and laugh every time! My good friend and her husband, Nancy and Mike, they watch it weekly, since they chose to stop watching gruesome crime stories, making their lives always fun and smiling. I guess I choose these shows as ‘fillers’ and use the hour long shows to carry my evening along. I think it would probably be a good way to live, though. Laughter is really the best medicine! Fun stuff!

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