Gr8at: A View from Above

On a long flight as part of a holiday, I saw the opportunity to show the world from a different point of view. Here are my favourite eight shots from outside the window. Let me know if there’s any that really captures your imagination.

cloud shot


A view from way up

cloud horizon

cloud view

Clouds everywhere

looking like the artic

Tilted horizon


24 thoughts on “Gr8at: A View from Above

  1. Dear Alex,
    Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures. I love how clouds look, specially from an airplane. In Islam, they say Man is God’s best creation. I think clouds are God’s bestest creations.

  2. What a great use of a long sit on a flight Alex! Great stuff. I also love the texture of clouds when you’r above them. They look like pillows you can just jump right into and trust them to not break apart when you hit them.

  3. Mamma mia, what amazing pictures! I love the clouds!
    I think it is fascinating to watch them closely!
    Thank you so much, Alex, for sharing with us stunning images.
    I hope you have a nice holiday, Alex! Enjoy the beautiful day! 🙂

  4. Hi Alex! My name is Inna Leonov-Kenny and I’m working on an animated planetarium show that will feature a scene with a large cloud deck. Is it okay if I use your photos as textures? I’ll be happy to give you credit. Thanks, Inna

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