Film Quizzes: 90s Courtroom Dramas

With the release of The Judge with Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall, it got me thinking about what other courtroom dramas have been made before. And one decade which produced plenty of quality courtroom films is the 90s, including one which also starred Duvall. See how many of the chronologically-ordered films below you can work out.

Ártatlanságra ítélve3.jpg 1.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 2 2.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 3 3.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 4 4.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 5 5.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas 6.

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1. Presumed Innocent  (1990)

2. A Few Good Men  (1992)

3. Philadelphia  (1993)

4. Primal Fear  (1996)

5. The People vs Larry Flynnt  (1996)

6. A Civil Action  (1998)

26 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: 90s Courtroom Dramas

      • Thanks.

        I thought it was a well done film. I remember reading the book
        that the movie is based on, and the film, from what I can recollect, didn’t stray too far from its source material. Even though, John Travolta’s character, Jan Schlichtmann, especially in the novel, came across as a jerk, I felt bad for him, because… well… I better not reveal any more information. I don’t want to ruin it for your followers, who might want to read the book and have not had the opportunity to do so yet.

      • I’ve been curious to read the book. I might try and read it this Christmas. I’ve been meaning to use that opening monologue in a Line(s) of the day for a while now.

    • I really do like John Grisham. Less his recent comments. The Runaway Jury is a superb page turner, and The Firm, The Brethren, The Litigator and The Street Lawyer are good too. A Painted House is a pretty sweet one too, in a very different style.

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