Gr8at: Back to School Blogathon

Back to School Blogathon

There really are some fantastically original blogathons out there. One that really caught my attention was by the awesome blogger Dell on Movies. He runs a great site and regularly comes up with some really fantastic ideas. His latest one is the challenge of picking eight distinctive film characters to match specific roles within a school setting. I couldn’t say no.


Ed Rooney - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ed Rooney – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. 

Anyone who believes in Saturday detentions would definitely be a strong entry to control such an erratic class. But tempting as it is to include Dick Vernon from The Breakfast Club, it would be funnier to watch the bitterly officious Ed Rooney struggle within the ensuing chaos.


Shuya Nanahara – Battle Royale

Wow, things would certainly be interesting if Shuya Nanahara were in charge. Creating a game that ensures all students must kill each until only one contestant is left alive would certainly be something you wouldn’t find on the curriculum.


Stanley Spector - Magnolia

Stanley Spector – Magnolia

The youngest on here, but by some distance the smartest. There may be no TV quiz show for him to dazzle on, but there’s nothing education-related he wouldn’t know. Just make sure you give the poor lad a break every now and then.


Biff Tannen - Back to the Future I and II

Biff Tannen – Back to the Future I and II

Plenty of sinister options for this one, but the unintentionally hilarious catchphrases of Biff would allow plenty of wisecracks for anyone brave enough to take him on.


Ashley Grant - Whatever it Takes

Ashley Grant – Whatever it Takes

Well we need someone who the male students would all obsess over and girls are desperate to emulate. Ashley certainly fits that description. She’s so vain and in demand that the only real hope an admirer has is to invent insults over her appearance.


Ally Sheedy - The Breakfast Club

Ally Sheedy – The Breakfast Club

She may be known as the “basket case”, but really she keeps such a low profile she could be known as the girl no one notices. If she felt lonely, the quietly-spoken and low-key Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite could keep her company. Maybe even bake her a cake too.


Fred and George Weasley

Fred and George Weasley – The Harry Potter series

Okay, so technically Fred and George count as two, but as they’re identical and keen on a practical joke, they’d naturally use it for comic effect.


Donnie Darko – Donnie Darko

The tortured Jim Stark from Rebel without a Cause and investigative loner Brendan Frye from Brick were tempting, but the brooding and withdrawn Donnie Darko wins this category. Anyone who sees visions of a monstrous rabbit predicting the end of the world definitely counts as “troubled”.

If you like the idea, you’ll find other examples here.


22 thoughts on “Gr8at: Back to School Blogathon

  1. Great choices, but especially the teacher! Not sure what it says about me that Battle Royale is one of my favorite films…

  2. That is definitely an interesting class. I always found Allison to be the one person in The Breakfast Club I related to the most (maybe because I’ve been in her shoes, or something similar at any rate). Am I the only one slightly disturbed by the choice to cast a teacher who is willing to force his students to slaughter each other?

    It’s a shame you didn’t find it sooner, this was a pretty fun blogathon and we had some really messed up classes. Quite a few people were disturbed by my “David Lynch Edition”: (it probably didn’t help that I cast a sex-crazed psycho as the bully and found someone who was actually mentally ill for the troubled youth).

    I’m actually planning something similar for November to coincide with the release of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. I don’t want to give too much away yet but I’ve been posting some of the banners I made as “sneak peaks” to build up hype:

    Basically, it’s like the Back to School Blogathon, but slightly more competitive. It should be fun.

    • I’ll definitely be reading all the other entries, including your unmissable Lynch-themed one. I didn’t really read too many before I wrote mine as I didn’t want to be influenced in any way. It will be interesting to see different interpretations and if anyone thought similar to me.

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