Snapshot: Birthday


It was birthday the other day so thought it would be a great chance for a photograph to show the funky cards I was given. Do you have a favourite? If you want to know what any of them say feel free to ask. They’re still up so I can answer quite easily haha.

49 thoughts on “Snapshot: Birthday

      • We saw the third one in the theater the summer before M started high school. Of course we, and every other teenager, kid and parent, were weeping at the end.

      • I don’t think so. I mean, even the original Star Wars series slipped up with those Ewoks.

        Do you think it was because the market was toward younger audiences that is why they all turned out OK? Or was it a fluke, considering that Cars 2 didn’t do so hot?

      • It was their first major film so they were probably super keen to maintain its high level and had plenty of original ideas. I can remember how excited everyone was when it was released.

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