Gr8at – The Fresh Prince

Released in 1990 and running for six years, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was one of the coolest and funniest shows around, and is still shown all the time. One of the main reasons was just how brilliant Will Smith was. Here are eight of his funniest jokes from the show.


Tyrell: What’s he’s doing here?
Jazz: Na, what’s he still doing here?
Will: You’re not still mad at each other about of the watch thing.
Tyrell: He sold me a fake Rolex!
Jazz: You paid with a fake 20!
Will: Now first of all you should have known it was fake when you saw the warranty was only for two hours, and you should have known that the Jackson on a 20 ain’t Jermaine.

Carlton: Are you nuts! I’m not bringing her within 100 yards of you.
Will: Why Carlton, i’m your cousin man.
Carlton: The cousin who stole every woman i ever had.
Will: Oh please. I stole one girl.
Carlton: My point exactly.
Will: You’ve got some time uncle Phil. You want some grub?
Uncle Phil: I’ve already eaten.
Will: Is that a yes or a no?
Carlton: Why don’t you act like an adult?
Will: Why don’t you look like one?
Uncle Phil: Ron said his buyer is willing to go $1 million above market value [for the house]
Carlton: Yes, there is a God.
Ashley: Look at you all! Will! Say something!
Will: Ching Ching!
Will: Carlton, listen I need your help man. I gotta go into training and kick Omar’s butt. Come on!
Carlton: Hang on a second. I thought you said this was a one-on-one. What do you need me for?
Will: If I win I need a witness. If I lose you’re my blood type.
Carlton: I still can’t get over it Will. if you hadn’t of pushed me out of the way that bullet would have gotten me
Will: Not necessarily. Even if you stood right in front of me he still could have hit me from my belly button up.
Will: Carlton.The customers are complaining there ain’t no bacon in the BLTs.
Carlton: Well where’s the law that says the B has to stand for bacon. Read the damn sign.
Will: Bread, lettuce and tomato!

12 thoughts on “Gr8at – The Fresh Prince

    • I’d agree with that. He really was an a amazing actor in it. Not just for the comedy. But in the dramatic moments, like when his estranged father appears, or when Carlton takes drugs.

      • In all honesty I remember the comedy more than anything else haha but I know it had its moments. Ooh I just remembered a serious scene!! When they go and help out at the homeless shelter over Thanksgiving 🙂

        I think Will Smith is generally a great actor but unfortunately I don’t like many of his movies!

        Did you see him and his son and Carlton on the Graham Norton show? You have to look it up on YouTube if you didn’t. DANCING. That is all!

      • That’s the one where Hilary burns the recommendation letter as she feels guilty, and Carlton only pretends to haha. I know. That dancing is amazing. I know I’ve quoted the Carlton gif for sure. I still can’t hear It’s Not Unusual without thinking of him and his expressive hands.

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