Gr8at: Song and Screen: Alex Raphael

When I saw Cara was doing another inspired blogathon I just had to contribute. Here is my offering to her ‘Song and Screen’ series, where I choose my favourite eight uses of songs in films.

Silver Screen Serenade

God these make me happy. My God these make me happy.

Good day, friends! Guess what? I’ve got another guest edition of Song and Screen for you! This one is coming atcha from the awesome Mr. Alex Raphael! If you guys know me, I’m sure you know Alex, too. He truly has a little bit of everything on his blog, so if you haven’t already, definitely pop over and say hello!  Anyway, here are a few songs Alex can’t hear without thinking of movies!

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11 thoughts on “Gr8at: Song and Screen: Alex Raphael

      • Not seen the first, but must be an interesting take. The second is a great shout. Lawrence really is a great actress. I did think about putting it in, but have heard it a lot of other times in other contexts that the pull wasn’t as strong as for others. I do still love at her “space oven” comment haha.

      • Yeah. The space oven business is awesome.

        And Warm Bodies is a clever take on zombies and an even more clever take on Romeo and Juliet. It has its flaws, but on balance I think you’d like it.

  1. ALEX!! I’M HERE!! Catch-up begins NOW!! Lol. I’ll probably have to spread it out since I’m so very far behind, but I promise I’ll get all caught up!! Thank you again for doing this!! A brilliant list, my friend. 🙂

  2. Awesome, Alex. I see we have a few in common. Great to see ‘Under Your Spell’ in here. One of the reasons I picked up Drive’s stellar soundtrack. Well done 🙂

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