Gr8at – World Cup Mascots

The knockout stages are well and truly under way in this year’s World Cup, with the quarter finalists already announced and glory for the winners edging ever closer.  Amid the heroes, villains, controversy, dramatic goals, stunning skills and agonising penalty shootouts, the World Cup has provided some memorable mascots. Here are eight that sure leave an impression. Which ones strike you most? Would you buy any of them?

World Cup Willie

1966 England: World Cup Willie – The first of the World Cup mascots, and a solid entry. Funky hair too.


Tip and Tap

1974 Germany: Tip and Tap – What they lack in fashion and hair points, they make up for in all-round cheeriness.



1982 Spain: Naranjito – So big he could take your ball off you and you wouldn’t complain, but looks the type that he’d happily stay in goal and keep running for the ball.


Pique mascot

1986 Mexico: Pique – Unmistakably Mexican, our Latino friend has a vibrant sombrero which would provide great shade or act as an umbrella.


Ciao 1990

1990 Italy: Ciao – My favourite of them all. Brilliantly original, featuring the colours from the Italian flag and looking more than useful with a football.

Striker 1994

1994 USA : Striker – Not the cutest dog I’ve ever seen, but the idea is along the right lines. And certainly better than any of the Soccer Dog movies.


France 1998: Footix – Trendy and modern, this is certainly one of the better efforts.


Brazil 2014: Fuleco – It’s not everyday you see an animated amardillo, so that gets a point for this current entry.


29 thoughts on “Gr8at – World Cup Mascots

  1. I can’t unsee the Annoying Orange now for the Spanish one.

    I like France, England and the current one 🙂

  2. They’re all pretty cute! My favourite is definitely the lion, he’s so cute. Also I think I had a pair of roller blades back in the day with the USA dog on them. That’s how you know you’re a true child of the 90s!

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