Film Quizzes: Gangsters Part 2

After Gangsters Part 1 and Non-Hollywood Gangsters quizzes, I’m rounding off the series with the concluding Gangsters Part 2. Just how good are you? It’s certainly got some impressive entries. Crime is said not to pay, but it certainly looks good on the big screen. How many of the six chronological films below can you work out? Do you have a favourite? As always, feel free to share your results and feedback.

Gangsters Part 2 Film 1 (1960s)

Gangsters Part 2 Film 2 (1970s)

Gangsters Part 2 Film 3 (1970s)

Gangsters Part 2 Film 4 (1980s)

Gangsters Part 2 Film 5 (1980s)

Gangsters Part 2 Film 6 (1990s)

Click below for answers

1. Bonnie and Clyde  (1967)

2. Mean Streets  (1973)

3. The Godfather II  (1976)

4. Once Upon a Time in America  (1984)

5. The Untouchables  (1987)

6. Carlito’s Way  (1993)

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