Reviews and other Features: Sitcoms quiz

As you all will have noticed I really do love to laugh. It really is such a great feeling. Below are 15 of the shows I watched that continually had me in stitches. How many of the 15 sitcoms can you work out? Is there one that make you laugh more than the others? As always, feel free to share your thoughts.

TV show 1 1.

TV show 2 2.

TV show 3 3.

TV show 4 4.

TV show 5 5.


TV show 6 6.

TV show 7 7.

TV show 8 8.

TV show 9 9.

TV show 10 10.

TV show 11 11.

TV show 12 12.

TV show 13 13.

TV show 14 14.

TV show 15 15.




1. Father Ted

2. The Golden Girls

3. Blackadder

4. Yes, Minister

5. Friends

6. Frasier

7. The Inbetweeners

8. Seinfeld

9. The Larry Sanders Show

10. Only Fools and Horses

11. Everybody Loves Ramond

12. Flight of the Conchords

13. Fawlty Towers

14. Scrubs

15. Arrested Development


40 thoughts on “Reviews and other Features: Sitcoms quiz

  1. We own 1,3,12 and 13 on DVD. 14 and 15 we rewatch on Netflix all the time. I need to check out 4,7 and 10. 🙂

  2. The Golden Girls and Fraser are two of my faves. Fraser is probably my all-time fave. OMG..I LOVE that show! The Two Mrs. Cranes is my most favorite episode. 🙂

  3. Yikes! Only got 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, and 15! I should’ve gotten Frasier. Also should’ve gotten Only Fools and Horses, since you posted about it on my blog! The characters were familiar, but I couldn’t think of the name of the show. Dag nabbit! Lol.

  4. No worries. It comes from the saying: “Only Fools and Horses work” ha. Frasier, Father Ted and The Larry Sanders Show really are exceptional if you get the chance but really think you’d like all the others too.

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