Gr8at – iPhone Photography Awards

I’m a huge fan of photography so the eighth annual iPhone Photography Awards was always going to be interest me. With the winners of the 17 categories announced today, here are my eight favourites. Which one grabs your attention most?

Jill Missner’s effort is just adorably cute.

This stylish winning effort comes from Spaniard Jose Luis Barcia Fernandez.

Felicia Pandola won for her vision in the Nature category.

Aaron Pike’s ethereal effort really does catch the eye.

Julio Lucas’ spectacular effort captures fragile but extreme beauty.

Elena Grimailo’e winner would have be some view to get each evening.

Yilang Peng is a wonderful example of light, shadow and structure.

Just what is this fox thinking in Michael O’Neil’s lovely photograph?



19 thoughts on “Gr8at – iPhone Photography Awards

  1. no 2. because the rays of light may have only ever been for a moment in that place. (of course it may have been .heavily staged, in which case the dog and the fox for the same reason) [fantastic all] 🙂

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