15 thoughts on “12 Angry Men (1957) IMDB Top 250 Guest Review

    • It really is. I saw it as a play in London and it was majestic again. Such a wonderful premise, and superbly acted out. Do you and your dad usually share film tastes?

      • We did, he’s passed now but he always let me watch movies with him growing up- The Deer Hunter, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Life of Brian, Inherit the Wind. He loved cinema and I do miss watching films with him. Good memories though…..

  1. Great review Alex! I’ve never seen that film but now I will look out for it.

    Are you still running guest film reviews on your blog? I still haven’t written my review of “Vampyr” from 1929, but it’s on my list to do!

  2. henry fonda was such a great actor! 😉 great review Alex and that is one of my favorite movies that he stars in

  3. One of my top ten all-time favorite films, without a doubt. And not just because I thought Robert Webber was handsome either. 🙂

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