Line(s) of the Day #IfGodWouldSendhisAngels

If God would send his angels

Hey, if God will send his angels
And if God will send a sign
And if God will send his angels
Would everything be alright?

The opening lyrics of ‘If God would send his Angels’ by Irish rock band U2. Originally on their album Pop, a shortened version what used for the film City of Angels.


8 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #IfGodWouldSendhisAngels

  1. I saw U2 WAAYYYYY back when I worked in San Francisco. They did a free concert at the end of Market Street. I’m thinking it was in 1981?? I had never even heard of them.

      • Wow, I’d have to refresh my memory Alex….it’s been awhile. I had U2 albums back in the day lol, but I sold all the vinyl as CDs became popular and now I don’t have any of those either although we ripped those to mp3’s 🙂

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