Things to See: Eden Project, Cornwall

The Eden Project is the top eco-visitor attraction and so internationally famous, it just wouldn’t have been a trip to Cornwall without it. Housing the world’s largest rainforest in captivity, it provides you with the chance to experience the same habitat as rare flowers and plants, learn more about their environment is maintained and find out how to improve to a more sustainable and energy-friendly lifestyle.


This the view you get when you first get past the main office. You can immediately the Tropical Biome and the smaller Mediterranean Biome. 


Green leaves

Titan Arum

Getting inside the Tropical Biome you really do feel the atmosphere. There are plants of all different kinds, including the Titan Arum which is only open for 48 hours and normally grows in Indonesia. There are also waterfalls, small streams and statues and a walk along the canopy, where you can get some of your best shots.


The totems were created by West African sculptor El Anatsui and were created timbers recycled from charred timbers from parts of Falmouth docks that had been destroyed by fire.


The scene depicted is Dioysus (shown as a bull), a nature god associated with things like fertility, horticulture and wine. It is featured so as to remind visitors to have a careful balance with the environment and not to abuse it.


And yes, that is a super-size bee. There are reminders everywhere of the presence of nature in its many pretty forms.


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