Travel Snapshot: (sunset) Guadalajara, Mexico

Sunset GuadalajaraThis sunset was taken by my mother in Guadalajara. She carries a camera with her everywhere.


26 thoughts on “Travel Snapshot: (sunset) Guadalajara, Mexico

  1. Beautiful shot but I’m a little leery of Mexico. Last time my mother was in Mexico there was an earthquake. We didn’t hear from her for three days and she was on the list with the Australian Embassy and Red Cross. Finally she came trotting in and was given a phone to call us to tell us of the ‘most exciting’ time she’d had. She’d been mugged for her phone and wallet but apparently asked the young man if she could keep her bag as it was useful for carrying things around. Probably stunned by this polite request he was most likely even more baffled when mum told him to make sure he got something to eat with her money. Mind you she was thrilled when her bus what shot at in Jerusalem and rang to us to ask that we email and compliment Captains Choice Tours for the bulletproof bus. She should not be allowed to travel and everytime she goes OS we watch the news in the region she is travelling cause without doubt it will be the site for a coup or natural disaster. The only positive is she takes those Captains Choice Tours – hugely expensive but they have their own private plane and obviously bullet proof limos and buses so it reduces the risk a tad.

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