Line(s) of the Day #DrZhivago

Dr-ZhivagoLara Antipova: Wouldn’t it have been lovely if we’d met before? 
Yuri Zhivago : Before we did? Yes. 
Lara Antipova: We’d have got married, had a house and children. If we’d had children, Yuri, would you like a boy or girl? 
Yuri Zhivago: I think we may go mad if we think about all that. 
Lara Antipova: I shall always think about it.

Julie Christie and Omar Sharif in the film Dr. Zhivago (1965)


28 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #DrZhivago

  1. I never saw the Dr Zhivago film, but way back when it came out I had to play the music for every second bride who wanted the movie theme played as the church exit at their wedding. (Most ended in divorce).

  2. I should read this one day! I know its author got the Nobel Prize,although he was not considered as great as Tolstoy,Chekhov,Dostoevsky,etc!
    Lovely quote.

  3. I am always amazed how many films have you watched, Alex. Congratulations.
    I wish I had time to watch a few movies myself, but something always comes and puzzling my project.
    Have a magical weekend, Alex! 🙂

      • Hmm. . . . that is a great question. . . . .The only film where I can remember the music is ‘That Thing You Do” from the 90s I think. I do have a couple of fave films but no idea about the music. . .

        ‘Lost in Translation’ and “In Bruges’. Neither terribly popular. Have you seen them? And what is your fave movie, and theme?

      • Nice choices. My favourite film is The Third Man, which has a pretty memorable soundtrack. But the theme from Badlands is my all time theme. I like the closing theme from Heat but it’s more powerful if you’ve seen the film.

      • I just remembered we saw ‘Her’ last weekend, and I really enjoyed the music. I thought it was Satie, but professor said it wasn’t. waited for the credits and of course he was right . . . no mention of Satie…just Satie like and There was a song by Dylan……Husband says I just float through things…life included, but there I remembered !! 😎

  4. I was 17 when I first saw the film, “Dr. Zhivago!” I was a junior in a private boarding school–the nuns did NOT know what they were taking us to see! LOL Subsequently, I viewed the film ELEVEN more times –each time with someone who had not yet seen it–and I promptly volunteered to attend with them! Eventually, I married and my youngest daughter is named Lara. There is so much in this film on many different levels–the character development; the music; the history; the scenery…just so beautiful! I love it still!

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