Line(s) of the Day #TonyParsons

Tony Parsons

The [vinyl] record collection was really the art collection of a working man, ordinary man or woman, and its only now, as they slip into history that we see the real beauty and their real power.

Novelist, journalist, broadcaster and former music journalist Tony Parsons (1953 – )


2 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #TonyParsons

  1. I love my record collection started when I was a teenager. It doesn’t matter that I can download any song I want from the internet they just don’t have the same ‘something’ that vinyl has for me. Maybe it’s because it was how I began to collect the music I love. There are a great many things that I enjoy due to technology, cheap books and music in just two but I must admit I get great pleasure from playing my vinyls and reading ‘actual’ books.

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