Creative: Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Unlost yesterdays lie luxuriously while life flies fast forwards
Lovingly lasting in memory, they await instruction
For when they must be ready for repeated viewings
By the audience comforted by blurred certainty.

But what those memories know, as we know,
Is that yesterdays can rust to nothing
And so unexplored and unfelt memories
Must be allowed to crash the revolving stage.

Because the roulette wheel is best when spinning
And triumph waltzes with infinite shades of possibilities
At kaleidoscopic speeds with unveiled messages
That life is not remembering but redesigning, living not reliving.


8 thoughts on “Creative: Yesterday’s Tomorrow

  1. Raphael, this is beautiful!
    Such a great insight! I read it a few times now and I’m still fascinated.
    I love this line: “By the audience comforted by blurred certainty”, but the whole poem is perfection!
    I think you should deffinetly write poems more often, you have so much to transmit, it’s a shame to keep it just for you! 🙂

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