11 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #WayneGretzky

      • The older I get the less I tend to care about sports in general. I used to really like American football, but the more we learn about the impact that game has on its participants, the less I care.

        At this point, I pay the most attention to baseball and (sometimes) tennis.

      • American football not so much. Just find the amount of stoppages irritating. Saying that I read Friday Night Lights and loved it. Saw the film later and awesome. The soundtrack is one of my favourites. I thought hockey had more problems with concussions and stuff than American football.

      • By percentage, hockey does, a little. But the number of participants is much smaller, and the fascination with it much lighter, so the overall societal impact probably isn’t quite as great.

        Besides that, I’ve never really been a hockey fan. 😉

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