Film Quizzes: 21st Century Weddings

Such a romantic day, so who’s up for a suitably loving topic? I’ve already done romantic films Part 1 and Part 2 so let’s focus on Hollywood films that cover the wonderful world of weddings. There are so many films about couples tying the knot that I’ve decided to keep it modern. As these are all from this century there’s no decade clue on the side, but they are in order of release. How many will you get?

Film Quizzes - 21st Century Weddings Film 1

Film Quizzes - 21st Century Weddings Film 2

Film Quizzes - 21st Century Weddings Film 3

Film Quizzes - 21st Century Weddings Film 4

Film Quizzes - 21st Century Weddings Film 5

Film Quizzes - 21st Century Weddings Film 6


1. My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding (2002)

2. The Wedding Date  (2005)

3. The Wedding Crashers  (2005)

4. 27 Dresses  (2008)

5. The Hangover  (2009)

6. Bridesmaids  (2011)


38 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: 21st Century Weddings

  1. I got 3! The 2 I didn’t get was because I never saw it: The Wedding Date and Wedding Crashers and then well, I just didn’t care about The Hangover enough to remember anything…except the tiger. I LOVE Big Fat Greek Wedding and Bridesmaids and 27 Dresses, well, I’ve watched that one on repeat. Which reminds me, it should go into my rom-com pile tonight 🙂 Thanks Alex! You’re awesome!

      • Save the ending, I love it. I saw it debut weekend, when I knew about it, except that it starred Rose Byrne (whom I have adored ever since she starred in an Australian Film Movement distributed flick called The Rage In Placid Lake). I went to it alone, as I do most of my movie going experiences.

        In the theater, on my left was a group of 4-6 year high school girls. And on my right was another group of high school girls and, perhaps, their parents. In front of me was a small crowd of college kids and behind me were yet another group of college girls.

        So here I was: the thirty year old dude surround by the film’s target audience, but completely alone. It meant I should have been awkward and uncomfortable, but the movie was so compelling, so funny, so well written that I never cared. It is one of the better comedies I can remember seeing in a long time.

        What did you think?

      • Do you have a preference between watching a comedy or a thriller/drama alone at the cinema? I didn’t see the film but was curious what you thought from a male perspective. I heard good things and if its encouraged execs to let women have more of their own shows then awesome. Wasn’t so long ago Bride Wars was at the cinema.

      • I like to be in a crowd for comedy, because it’s easier to laugh when not alone.

        But I’m an introvert (albeit one who functions perfectly well in social situations). So I’m equally comfortable in crowds or alone when watching a drama/thriller.

        And you should see Bridesmaids. The final moment is cheesy, but otherwise it’s very good. I never wrote a review for it, but I know I would give it no lower than a B+. And would probably score it an A-

  2. I missed two out six, I have only seen My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding once and wasn’t impressed, also haven’t seen 27 Dresses in years. The Wedding Date was a good movie. Great quiz!

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