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There are so many innovative and thought-provoking films out at the moment, especially in awards season, that I felt inspired to put something up. In my Line(s) of the Day, my film quotes usually come from a Hollywood film, but there are a wondrous array of films outside the English language covering all genres and eras. I’m always keen to hear the thoughts and opinions of others and find out about films I may not otherwise see.

In that spirit, I’ve decided to create ‘Foreign Favourites’ and invite anyone interested to select a film of their choice and write a review to share on here. It can be film you’ve seen once, countless or been meaning to check it out for ages. It would be great to have you contribute and explore a genre that is often overlooked. As I know how busy you all are and to keep it fair, there originally was a limit of one per person, but I’ve since removed it. If you have one you plan to do, let me know here as soon as you’ve made your choice and I will put you down for it. 

Only a few rules:

– By foreign films, I do mean one that is in a non-English language for the majority of the film.

– The style is your own but please include a brief plot synopsis of the film and an overall rating.

– You can’t have reviewed it before.

–  Not everyone will have seen the film so no spoilers please.

Any questions feel free to ask. Hope to hear from you soon.


Alexraphael – Le Dîner de Cons  Read here
Beetly Pete – Closely watched Trains  Read here
Cindy Bruchman – Nowhere in Africa  Read here
Cindy Bruchman – The White Ribbon   Read here
Dell on Movies – Stranger by the Lake  Read here
Dohabitation – Battle Royale   Read here
Film Grimoire – Vivre Sa Vie   Read here
Filmnerdblog – Lady Vengeance   Read here
J James – M   Read here
Movierob – Hearat Shulayim  Read here
Oh! That film Blog – Volver  Read here
RobinsRealm Blog – Lilya 4-Ever  Read here
Silver Screen Serenade – Jagten   Read here
That Moment In – The Chaser   Read here
Thefilmculb – Le Concert  Read here
The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger – La Haine  Read Here
Where the Wild Things Are – The Lives of Others  Read here


92 thoughts on “Guest series: Foreign Favourites

  1. I’m not entirely certain which flick to do, but I’ll definitely do one.

    Does the ‘I can’t have reviewed it before’ restriction count if I put it on my Top Ten list for Zoe’s blog? I wrote a paragraph explaining its inclusion on my list, but not a full review.

  2. Gasp! You thief! I was considering doing this very same series! That’s the problem with great minds, my friend. 😉 I’d love to! I’ll start looking into which one I should do!

  3. I may be up for this but can’t commit to anything at the moment. I’ll get my March blogathon out of the way then I’ll be back & see who’s done what already. I love a lot of foreign films. (And of course did a top ten once. Lol). This will be a great blogathon! Can’t wait to see the entries. : )

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  9. I would love to do this one, but I have reviewed the one I had in mind for my blog already… maybe you should prescribe me a movie and I will get on it!

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  21. Could you put me down for Pan’s Labyrinth? It’s one of my favorite foreign films and I haven’t seen in a while. So, I think I’ll review this one 🙂

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  23. I still want to do this, Alex. Haven’t forgotten about it. I have one I’m going to review soon that I didn’t much care for. Is this okay, or should I hold out for something I like?

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  29. The majority of my DVD collection is foreign cinema and I have loads to watch still; Memories of Murder, Ichi The Killer, Black Orpheus, Belle De Jour, Milk of Sorrow, Norwegian Wood, Incedies…. the list goes on. I must have about 50-60 unwatched foreign DVDs.

    I’ll happily review one and send it your way.

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