Gr8at: London from the Rooftops

I was watching the local news today, and an interview with photographer James Burns came on. Due to his connections with a large number of people within high-storey buildings, he has unique access to the rooftops of London’s tallest buildings. It’s enabled him to shoot London skylines at all hours. The collection entitled ‘London from the Rooftops‘ will be in Hackney until March. Here are my eight favourites.

James Burns 1

James Burns 2

James Burns 8

20 thoughts on “Gr8at: London from the Rooftops

  1. Awesome! Magnificent colours.

    I used to work on Level 31 of a building in Sydney. I could see out to the ocean and the mountains and watch storms brewing and clouds rolling in. I’ve also been to offices on Level 60 of a building – where Sydney Harbour looks like an architecture model!

  2. Stunning. Pictures 2-8 each are beautiful. I can’t wait to travel around the world, camera in hand, and click, click, click away. Thank you for sharing, Alex.

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