14 thoughts on “Travel Snapshot: Amsterdam, Holland

      • Hmmm, I think I would describe it as the actual capital of Holland. The parlement works there. We have some great tourist attractions as well, but it’s far less crowded than Amsterdam and not that flashy. We have a busy city center, but also quite streets where children can play outside. It’s a bit of a mess if you look at the architecture, nothing actually goes with each other. I like it! 🙂

  1. I can’t believe there is actually a museum for my favorite flower. Too cool! I will hit Amsterdam on my way to Scotland. It is on the way, right? Oh, hell, I will make it on the way.
    Peace & Love

  2. This is getting totally ridiculous. How many times now have I followed you? Again I am unfollowed. *shaking head* But anyways, I refollowed AGAIN. And your wall of pics is fantastic!!! Love, Amy

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