Film Quizzes: Apocalyptic

Nothing gets people more nervous and yet excited than an apocalypse. The six films below are Hollywood interpretations of a doomsday scenario, either the build up or the aftermath. As always, the films are in order, with the answers below. Feel free to volunteer how you do.

Film Quizzes - Apocalyptic Film 1 (1980s)


Film Quizzes - Apocalyptic Film 2 (1990s)


Film Quizzes - Apocalyptic Film 3 (1990s)


Film Quizzes - Apocalyptic Film 4 (2000+)


Film Quizzes - Apocalyptic Film 5 (2000+)


Film Quizzes - Apocalyptic Film 6 (2000+)




1. Aliens  (1986)

2. Waterworld  (1995)

3. Armageddon  (1998)

4. I am Legend  (2007)

5. The Book of Eli  (2010)

6. Oblivion  (2013)

24 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: Apocalyptic

      • I remember really liking it. A lot. And not understanding why so many people insulted it as terrible.

        But here’s the thing: I saw it, twice, when it was first released on video and never again. When it was released, I was either a high school sophomore or junior, so I don’t know whether or not my opinion can be trusted. 🙂

      • Depends what you were doing at high school 😉

        Being serious, I can remember how much the fact it went over budget really seemed to annoy people. Got a lot of bad press. Funnily enough, it actually made a profit.

  1. Love this one! Easily got all these as I love Apocalyptic movies! Did a top ten list of them at one point. And Aliens is one of my “desert island” films. : ) I need to watch The Book Of Eli… But I still knew it. ; )

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