Film Quizzes: 2013 Part 2

Six films was never going to be enough for another wonderfully eclectic year, so as promised here is the second part of the films of 2013. As always, feel free to offer any opinions on the films mentioned, highlight your score or click on any of my film reviews.

Film Quizzes - 2013 Part 2 Film 1 Film 1


Film Quizzes - 2013 Part 2 Film 2 Film 2


Film Quizzes - 2013 Part 2 Film 3 Film 3


Film Quizzes - 2013 Part 2 Film 4 Film 4


Film Quizzes - 2013 Part 2 Film 5 Film 5


Film Quizzes: 2013 part 2 Film 6 Film 6




1. Philomena

2. The World’s End

3. Enough Said

4. Now You See Me 

5. Before Midnight

6. Captain Phillips



12 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: 2013 Part 2

    • That was the last one 😦 There’ll be all kinds of quiz topics in the New Year though and I know your scores will pick up.

      I read your review on Before Midnight. I’m in the minority too in not liking it at all, but I do really rate the first two. Especially the first one.

      • As my Before Midnight review says, I haven’t seen the first two. I think it might have been necessary to understand the characters completely. It wasn’t to understand the plot, though. They did a nice job summarizing the first two for those of us who are uninitiated.

        I think the conversations in the third are just off. And the film suffers for it.

      • I really don’t get why so many liked the third. I know what they were trying to get across in terms of the realism element but it lacked all the sparkle and sophistication of the previous two, and was dull.

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