Line(s) of the Day

Alanis Morrisette

You’ve already won me over in spite of me,
And don’t be alarmed if I fall head over feet
And don’t be surprised if I love you for all that you are.

Taken from the song ‘Head over Feet’ by Alanis Morissette from the album Jagged Little Pill.

Gr8at – Truly Dire Football Kits

I did a Gr8at of awesome football shirts so it’s only fair to do one of some absolute shockers. And wow, it’s scary to think of the ones that didn’t make it. Tassles, tartan, invisible shirts…nothing is beyond limits. Scroll down if you dare…

Colorado Caribous (USA)

Colorado CaribousThere’s so much wrong with this shirt from American team Colorado Caribous for the 1978 season, it’s tempting to make a list. But yes, the tassles may make this the worst shirt ever. Still, if you’re going to finish bottom in your only season before you move city to become the Atlanta Chiefs, you may as well do it in (anti) style.

Dundee (Scotland)


This tartan eyesore was used on tour for the Scottish team’s 1953 tour of South Africa. Hopefully it’s still there.

Hull City (England)

Hull City home

With Hull City having just renamed themselves the Hull City Tigers, this 1992-1993 disaster serves as a garish reminder of just how bad it can be to try and crowbar the tiger aspect of their history.

Notts County (England)

Notts CountyLooking like three bad curtain designs merged into one nightmare cloth explosion, this away strip from Notts County during 1994 – 95 takes some beating.

Peterborough United (England)


A shirt so bad it really deserves an X-rated certificate. This horrendous effort from Peterborough in 1993 is the football kit equivalent of a double figure thrashing.

Manchester United (England)

Man Utd

Though this 1994 – 95 not as visually woeful as the other entrants on this list, this had to be on here as even the team itself disowned it. Losing 3-0 at half time away to Southampton, Manchester United came out for the second half in a different strip. Their manager, Alex Ferguson explaining that the players complained they couldn’t see each other. In every sense of the word, it was never seen again.

Coventry City (England)

Coventry City

With this truly diabolical 1978 effort, the offensive effort by the midlands club even extends to the shorts. usually found at the top of any worst kits countdown.

Jorge Campos – Mexico

Jorge Campos

Some goalkeepers will go to any lengths to put a striker off. Keeping a beard, putting on war paint or trying to shout something to distract him. Mexican legend Jorge Campos went further by wearing shirts that should never be allowed outside.  Capped 130 times at national level, the goalkeeper made up for his 5 foot 6 height by being incredibly quick and flexible. But his outrageous abuse of bright colours on his designs will live longer in the memory.

Film Quizzes: John Williams

Steven Spielberg is a cinematic genius, but more than a few of his iconic films have featured scores that have gone above and beyond being part of popular culture. See how many of John Williams’ scores you recognise from the six films below.

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1. Star Wars  (1977)

2. Born on the Fourth of July  (1989)

3. JFK  (1991)

4. Nixon  (1995)

5. Angela’s Ashes  (1999)

6. War Horse  (2011)

Line(s) of the Day

Enter the Dragon

A good fight should be like a small play, but played seriously. A good martial artist does not become tense, but ready. Not thinking, yet not dreaming. Ready for whatever may come. When the opponent expands, I contract. When he contracts, I expand. And when there is an opportunity, I do not hit. It hits all by itself.

Lee (Bruce Lee) in Enter the Dragon (1973)