Film Quizzes: Sporting Films

There have been more than a few sporting movie duds, but when Hollywood gets it right, it achieves all kinds of excellence. Time then, for you to try out the latest film quiz. Give yourself a high-five if you get to the chequered flag of final whistle with an impressive score, especially as there no clues this time around. Scroll carefully for answers below.

Film Quizzes - Sporting film 1 1

Film Quizzes - Sporting film 2 2

Film Quizzes - Sporting film 3 3

invictus-film12rv2 4

Film Quizzes - Sporting film 5 5Film Quizzes - Sporting film 6 6



1. Rush  (2013)

2. Friday Night Lights  (2004)

3. Eight Men Out  (1988)

4. Invictus  (2009)

5. The Damned Utd  (2009)

6. Chariots of Fire  (1981)

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