Film Quizzes – James Bond 3

From Ian Fleming’s first novel Casino Royale in 1953, and his first appearance on screen in Dr No in 1962, James Bond has always been more than just a character. There just had to be a third quiz. Confident of passing with flying colours? Scroll carefully for answers below.

James Bond 3 - Film 1 (1960s)

James Bond 3 - Film 2 (1960s)

james Bond 3 - Film 3 (1970s)

james Bond 3 - Film 4 (1980s)

James Bond 3 - Film 5 (1990s)

Skyfall (2000 +)


1. Goldfinger

2. You Only Live Twice

3. Live and Let Die

4. For Your Eyes Only

5. The World is not Enough

6. Skyfall


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