Line(s) of the Day #Friends

Pheobe and David

Pheobe: (Gasps) Oh my God! David!.
David: Hi! I-i-is this a bad time?.
Pheobe: (excited) No! It’s a great time, come in…! WOW, hi… Oh my gosh! What are you doing here? Are you back from Minsk?
David: Well, just for a couple of days, uhm… I’m here to explain to the people who gave us our grant, why it’s a positive thing that we spent all their money and uhm… accomplished uhm… nothing.
Pheobe: Who cares, it got you here.
David: Well, it got me to New York anyway, and then I got on a cab at the airport, and the guy said where to? and I just… gave him your address I… I… I didn’t even think about it
Pheobe: Wow. Where is your luggage? .
David: (thinks for a while) Damn it!

Hank Azaria and Lisa Kudrow from the sitcom Friends (1994 – 2004)

14 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #Friends

    • Laughed so many times. Smelly cat, ‘we were on a break’, Ross’ Lightning Round, Joey’s non sharing of Hugsy and food, ‘How you doin’, Chandler’s one-liners, Rachel’s obsessed admirer Gunther…

  1. Haha…I seriously laughed at the episode of Smelly Cat…my friends and I would out of nowhere start singing that song and people would stare at us weird. I just LOVE Friends!

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