Film Quizzes: Pixar

Who doesn’t love Pixar? No clues this time. On your marks, get set…


Film 1 - Pixar Film 1


A Bug's Life, British Television Premier-- Copyright Disney. Film 2


Film 3 - Pixar Film 3


Film 4 - Pixar Film 4


Film 5 - Pixar Film 5


Film 6 - Pixar Film 6




1. Toy Story

2. A Bug’s Life

3. Monster’s Inc


5. Up

6. Brave

9 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: Pixar

  1. Up is my all time favorite! AT the end of the movie they show Fenton’s Ice Cream Parlor. That’s in Piedmont which is essentially Oakland, California. I grew up near there and still go to that place! They showed it because I think someone high up at Pixar lives near there. 🙂

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